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Santísima (Spanish - Holy)

The name Santísima comes from the Spanish word for holy.

Santísima is a Musical Trio formed by Otavio Assis Brasil (accordion) Lievenka Van de Meirssche (flute) and Abel Roland (guitar). The group is dedicated to play Argentinean, Brazilian and Spanish music.


Otavio Assis Brasil

Otavio Assis Brasil is the first south American musician who got the degree in classical accordion. He is also graduated in composition by UFRGS and had works  premiered in Brazil and Spain.  As an accordionist he has performed in important concert venues in Madrid, Zaragoza, Coimbra, Pamplona and Porto Alegre.  Currently Otavio works as a teacher in different music academies of Zaragoza.

Lievenka Van de Meirssche

Lievenka Van de Meirssche is a Czech-Belgian artist. She completed her Master of Arts as a classical flutist at Koninklijk Conservatorium Gent. Soon she developed into a multi-faceted musician. As a freelance performer she is involved in a broad range of projects. What binds them together is her urge to improvise. No wonder she’s interested in all musical styles that feature improvisation, including classical, jazz, bossa nova, tango, flamenco, sufi, baroque, as well as contemporary compositions.

Borned in Porto Alegre (Brazil), Abel Roland is an award winner musician, composer and filmmaker. Graduated in Musical Composition and Cinema. As filmmaker, had his movies presented on several festivals around the world.  Also worked as sound engineer, sound designer and video artist several times. Nowadays, lives in Belgium and works as Virtual Reality Developer.

Abel Roland


Upcoming Shows   /   Local Dates

27 Aug          cultuurmarkt van vlaanderen                  Antwerpen, BE

30 Aug          LO Pétillante                                Ranst, BE

17 Jan          Centro Cívico Universidad                    Zaragoza, ES

18 Jan          Freedonia                                    Barcelona, ES

Past Shows



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